Girls Gone Raw pet health

Girls Gone Raw is a budding local business started by a girl with an uncontrollable passion for pets and all things natural. By combining this love with extensive research, we began making organic supplements and treats for pet and their humans around Ohio.  


Our mission

At Girls Gone Raw, We strive to educate pet parents on improving their pets' health holistically. By providing homemade and natural supplements, treats, and products, we aim to make it simple and cost effective to get your four-legged friends to optimal health. 

Our Vision

We believe that education is the most powerful weapon. Whether you are a raw feeder looking for ways to supplement your existing diet, or you just want to learn more about Natural Pet Health and Nutrition, we are here to help! Through personalized consultations, we can analyze the specific needs of your cat or dog and share information on the ways to manage their health issues. The road to optimal health can be taken one step at a time. Girls Gone Raw will help you evaluate your pets' current diets, and educate on the increased benefits of feeding a more natural diet. 



Future Goals

We hope to soon be producing pre-prepared raw diets, catered to meet your pet's individual health needs. We will be continuing to innovate and produce whole-food products and supplements that will benefit your pets. Feel free to reach out to us if there is any health food or supplement that we do not currently make, that you would like us to look into! We will always do our best to try to help you improve and manage your pet's health. 


Keep an eye out for ongoing Partnerships with local rescues! We try to support non-profit rescues in any way that we can.